Flowers play an integral role in the look of any wedding, they are a beautiful and easy way to add life and nature to your wedding, especially if you are looking to transform a relatively plain venue into a special one. That is why at Sullivans Florist we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best wedding flowers in Surrey.

We believe that weddings just wouldn’t be the same if you didn’t have flowers and they are a vital way to help create the perfect wedding theme and atmosphere, whether through the bridal flower arrangement, table centrepieces or the likes of flower archways. Because of this it is our mission to provide couples with the best wedding flower service.

As we mentioned, there are plenty of ways that flowers can be incorporated into your wedding and our experienced staff are expertly trained at helping you pick the right arrangements to suit your style. But we also love a challenge and if you are looking to create something especially unique and interesting for your celebration then be sure to get in touch and it will be our pleasure to help make it a reality.

Whether you are looking for classic arrangements or more modern designs, then our established wedding florists will be able to help create the perfect wedding arrangements for you. At Sullivans we aim to make your wedding as beautiful and hassle free as possible, by choosing our service we promise you the following:

Friendly & Accommodating Staff
As professional Surrey based wedding florists we are very experienced at catering to your needs, whether for weddings or any other special occasion. All of our staff are well trained and incredibly accommodating to help ensure that you enjoy and are completely satisfied with your experience. For us our service wouldn’t be complete if our customers weren’t enjoying themselves and therefore we aim to have you involved throughout the whole process and we’re more than happy for you to have a hands on approach as well when it comes to the flower arrangement.

You’ll Enjoy Yourself
Ok so it isn’t the same as cake tasting, but at Sullivans we believe that arranging a wedding should be a pleasure rather than a chore. It is your opinion that counts when it comes to choosing the perfect arrangements and at our wedding florist we like to work alongside you and provide our expert advice so you can both enjoy yourself and create the perfect floral touches for your special occasion.

We Respect Your Budget
At Sullivans we know that weddings can be the most expensive party you are ever going to have to arrange, but we refuse to add to the cost! It is our mission to help make your celebrations as special and wallet friendly as possible. We are a wedding florist in Surrey who will help you make the most of your budget, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service and the end results will be well worth it.